Reputation Economy

In early 2013 I had a vision. At the time I interpreted the vision as something I needed to do, which was to create a website called Face Value which would help kickstart the reputation economy. Until this point I had never heard of a reputation economy and leaned towards free markets based on currency exchange, so this revelation came as quite a shock to my sensibilities. I spent some time developing the idea and in a very short time it took off in many directions. I was also mostly ignored or ridiculed by the few who would listen to my ideas. But in the year since, I have seen the reputation economy blossom as an idea in many places amongst many diverse groups and individuals. There are now so many of them I feel it is necessary to have an entire page devoted to them, as well as my attached commentaries.

Here is the Face Value essay where it all started.

And here is the growing mountain of evidence detailing how the information will tend towards an economy of individual reputation.

December 27, 2015What Does the ‘Like’ Button Really Do/Mean?

December 17, 2015 Ronda Rousey Charlie Sheen and Donald Trump Walk Into the Star Wars Bar

November 2015How and Why to Abolish Police and the State (with reputation economy commentary)

April 23, 2015- New Bitcoin User Rating System Is Another Step Towards Reputation Economy

March 25, 2015- Star Trek and the Reputation Economy

August 13, 2014- The Facebook Effect

August 8, 2014- The Reputation Economy Under Construction

July 19, 2014- New Digital Currency Whose Value Is Based On Your Reputation

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