Original Fiction

General Fiction

Advanced Ape– A tale of self discovery.

Jumping– Towards transcendence.

Spirit Quest– Journey of discovery.

He Who Laughs, Lasts– God in a pill.

Justice Is A Clumsy Sword– Revenge awry.

Petrov’s Eternity or Infinity Machine – A Parable of Reproduction

Idiocracy Assimilated – The Borg Collective Gets An UpGrayedd

Night of the Care Bears – A Movie Mad Lib In Reverse

Children’s Fiction

You’ll Never Take My Pyfe– Imagination

Horror & Science Fiction

People Against the Exploitation of Historical People– Reality TV of the future is us.

Spontaneous Teleportation- Oops, my bad.

Night of the Assholes: Part 1– Zombies or?

Night of the Assholes: Part 2– Assholes.

Sun Rains On Parade–¬†Flares with flair.

The Guessing Ghoul– Repressed memories ftw.

The New Custom– Zombie culturalization.

The Time Machine– Idiot savant dies smiling.


Poopchute the Unicorn– These are retarded times.

All the King’s Minions– Totalitarian humor.

History Science Theatre Presents: George Washington Carver– True stories, mostly.

History Science Theatre Presents: Marie Curie: aka The Madame– Still mostly a story.

That Time of the Month– Werewolve Family Discord

Erotic Fiction

I Have No Body But I Must Make Love to You– Sexy sci-fi.

Occupy My Love– Dissent gets sexy.

The Soft Glow of Electric Sex- An Erotic Tale of Cyborg Sex, Almost

Other Fiction

The Parable of the Chumchimmeries- Specialization kills.

The Burgerican Dream– A Tale of Excess


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