The Soft Glow of Electric Sex- An Erotic Tale of Cyborg Sex, Almost


“So then I just told her that the charging station was for paying cyborgs only.”

“Did she leave?”

“Yeah, she huffed off in a flurry of whirs and buzzing.”

“Classic.” he said, hoping to derail the small talk as they finished cleaning up the dishes together. “Hey, baby, you feeling frisky at all this evening? We have been so busy lately that my intimacy indicator sent a reminder today.”

“Yeah, mine did, too. And come to think of it, a little boom boom would make this mama a happy hybrid.”

“Raoorwww!” came the thunderous response generated in his vocal modulator. “Daddy likey.”

He pounced at her and ran a carefully calibrated hand from where the golden nylon hair streamed from her control until all the way down her back. Her sensors caused her perfectly manufactured body to respond to every nanometer of his touch. His warm lifelike hands causing her fiber-optic nerves to twitch ever so slightly and her body rocked into his before a thought occurred to her.

“Not just yet, Davian. First mama has to finish a few more chores and daddy needs to do the same. Then we can play.”

He stepped back feigning hurt and betrayal. “Alright my little bundle of electrons. But don’t take too long. My circuits long to connect with yours, Evissa.” he joked, referencing a Digi-Opera they had seen on their first date all those years ago.


By the time that Evissa was finished with her duties, Davia was already lying in bed with a number of complicated attachments and accessories splayed around him.

“Cuddle up, buttercup.” came his invitation as he cleared an area for her to snuggle up next to him. “I wasn’t sure which parts you would want to use, so I just got everything out.”

On the bed were a number of attachments that could be connected to their cyborg bodies, offering a great number of combinations and pleasures. Aside from these lumps of metal, latex and circuitry were also a number of neurochemical enhancements. Not even counting positions, there were already thousands of possible combinations they could exercise their sexual bonding with. Unlike their human predecessors, sex was not something determined by the basic singular equipment humans were born with and suffered before they could make the transformation into a electro-mechanical body.

“Well, I suppose the first question is, which of us are going top and which bottom?” Evissa asked.

In response Davia leapt from the bed in a forward spinning maneuver, landing perfectly on his feet at the end of the bed and teased, “I’ll flip ya for it!”

She laughed and reached for her lucky ancient coin, passed down for dozens of generations back to a time when humans still used currency and their frail animal bodies to negotiate the world. “Winner gets bottom, you call it.”

She sent the shiny artifact tumbling in free space and faked a drop, correcting her movements in a micro-sliver of time before it landed perfectly on the back of her hand just as he called out ‘Ass’, which referred to the ancient king embedded on one side, another relic of the past.

“And ass it is, my drippingly sweet neurocandy. Pick a hole.”

He looked at the assortment of receiver attachments which would accommodate any number of penetration accessories also laid out before them. “Well, let’s see. The T78X sounds good, you know. I always have liked an insertion unit that had full body integration circuits, but it can be a bit much. Maybe something simpler? Oh, here, how about this. A dual fit triple entry sleeve made from the finest Venusian organics. How many holes you think I should go with?”

“Oh, I don’t have a preference, Davia. You just pick first and then we will pick the thrusting unit together.”

“I love it when you talk thrust, my plasma pumping love plum.”

Evissa giggled at his juvenile pet name. Underneath the durable and long lasting body was still a human brain and hers showed a hint of fatigue by triggering a yawn display in her flawless face mask.

“Well, I guess if I am being honest, which most of my circuits require, what I really wanna use is the good old 42.77t. Nothing fancy, just a self lubricating unit which triggers audio pleasure centers. If that is the case, we better pick out some music. And you should use the Earquake 2.0 attachment. Why don’t you take care of that while I go get this apparatus installed.”

“Good combo.” Evissa agreed.

He got up and walked towards the master bathroom, which was nothing like its antique predecessor, since cyborgs used all energy sources efficiently and did not need to excrete waste. And grooming was mostly done using nanobots, so really the room was just a place to put up mirrors as well as some basic accessories and polishing equipment and chemicals.

As Evissa referenced her list of current audio downloads and worked on a sexy play list she heard Davia call out from the next room.

“Fiddleswitch! Damn thing needs a software update. Hey, you don’t mind if I-”

“No, go ahead.” she cut him off. “I will just get myself all fitted and finish this play list.”

“Oh, did you pick some chemistry out yet?

“Not yet, but I will.”


Davia took the unit out to the high speed docking station so that the update would only take a minute. These damn old attachments always developed bugs and had to have constant software and driver updates in order not to infect its user with a virus. Sex-unit transmitted diseases were no laughing matter. As he searched for the proper new software to install he noticed an email from an old friend. Although he knew he could not take the time to respond, he opened the message to look at it. He liked doing it on these old desk units rather than in his internal ones. There was something rewarding about seeing the letters glow on a screen rather than just transmitted directly to his brain. It was not a great idea, because the letter was a bit long and somewhat distressing. He fought the urge to respond right away but had not noticed that fifteen minutes had passed since he left Evissa in the bedroom.

“Hey baby?” he used a long distance voice to reach her in the other room. “Just about ready, how about you? You mind if I-”

Again, she cut him off, accustomed to his habits and questions. “No, love, go ahead. Do whatever you need to. I will be ready whenever you are.”

His heart beamed with anticipation and love. He loved her more than any neurosynaptic meatwad trapped in a high tech form possibly could. So he wanted to be present while they made love to one another, and that meant firing back a quick response to lay the matters in the email to rest until morning.

He finished up within what seemed just a few minutes and tried to creep stealthily back into the bedroom, even though her finely tuned electronics could not be fooled. Old meatman habits died hard and many puzzling vestigial behaviors still occurred among the hybrid progeny of human and machine. She seemed to be playing along, as she did not call him out on his obvious deceit. Perhaps she wanted to do some role-playing, too, he hoped.

As he slipped into the bedroom he now understood the real reason for her silence. She was fast asleep. It had been almost an hour since she found him in the bedroom sorting through their collection of sexual accessories. She had not been able to stay awake after all the time taken up by preparations and his little email interruption.

“Dammit.” he sub-vocalized, not wanting the organic air movements to manifest in his vocal apparatus.

She was so gorgeous lying there on their bed, surrounded by varied mechanical replications and substitutions of ancient human sex organs. He pushed it all to the floor as quietly as possible and nuzzled up next to her, falling asleep in the sure and steady syncopated sounds and rhythms of her basic life support mechanisms.

Resume- Devils Expert

Resume for Devils Expert


Classically trained practitioner of the Dark Arts and foremost expert on Satan with degrees in Luciferian history, science and philosophy. Extensive knowledge in all things devilish with twenty years experience within the forbidden field. Desire to extend my practice and experience into all arenas of life where knowledge of the Deciever would benefit myself, others and the Shunned Lord.

Career Highlights

*Held the first ever Black Mass in a public school disguised as a motivational speaker and collected 665 virgin souls in single delightening, missing Lucifers record by only one.

*Testified as a scientist or expert in hundreds of court cases defending prophets of the Morning Stars works.

*Devised the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ marketing brand which helped the international banking and defense contractors increase profits several fold while decreasing potential prophets.

*Author of a dozen popular children’s stories.


Primary Consultant-
World Governments
July 1996 – Present (18 years 1 months)
The Illusory World
Adversarial Adviser to Authoritarians

Creative solutions for overcoming the problem of Original Grace and subverting mankind to its base instincts while constructing systematic artifices to uphold these patterns of evil.

Skills: Avarice, Hubris and Ambition

Chief Dirtside Minion-
December 1991 – Present (22 years 8 months)
The Fallen Garden
Evil Management and Marketing Solutions

Performed a number of tasks disrupting the free will of the fallen human race in order to bring their souls to the enemy of their creator.

Skills: Patience, Humor, Bloodlust

Floor Sales-
Radio Shack
February 2006 – November 2006 (9 months)
Des Moines, Iowa
Sales and Service

This job was a front necessitated by Lucifers lust for a philosophy masters candidate working on her thesis on Nietzschean dialectics while working at Radio Shack to pay rent. My task was to bring her into the service of Satan so that He could anoint her loins with the seed of the Antichrist. Achieved in three months, stayed another six for the great merchandise discounts.

Skills: Bergeracian Poetry, Malevolence Marketing and Ruphynol Dispenser


Institute of Eternal Suffering
Devils Advocacy, Soul Procurement, Pleas to Vanity
2004 – 2006
Graduated Classless Valedictorian
Dishonor Society
Unscrupulous Certification

University Of Iowa
Marketing, Political Science, Ballet
1995 – 2003
President of Students for Satan and Chartering Founder of the Campus Antichrist Ministries.


Strategic Expert
April 2011
Architectural Advisor for the New World Order

River Styx
May 1999
Demon CPR

Lord of Lies
September 1994
Certified Evil in all Realms

Professional Memberships/Awards

Knights In Satans Service- K.I.S.S. Army General

Westboro Baptist Church- Doctrine Advisor

Most Maligned Agent of Hades 1997, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2009, 2012, 2013

Fall of Man
State of Oblivion
Animal and Pet Advocacy

Persuasion (Expert)
Deceit (Expert)
Conflict Causation (Expert)
Public Speaking and Debate (Expert)
Canadian Cuisine (Intermediate)

Human (Fluent)
Babel (Fluent)
Tongues (Fluent)

Fallen Angel, Inferno Inc.


Transcendence Day

Waking the Fuck Up- Transcendence Day

I cannot help but to notice more and more people awakening to new spiritual ideas. The surprising thing is how most of these people are coming at their truths independently and not as the result of some group or movement. I feel very strongly that humanity, nay, Universe, is on the cusp of a great evolutionary leap in consciousness.

I have talked about many of my ideas about this coming paradigm here and elsewhere sand intend to expand upon them more in the future, so there is no need to type them here. The interesting thing is how closely the things I hear more and more of begin to echo my own prior thoughts. Sometimes the language is slightly different and sometimes the similarities lie more in metaphors than direct ideas, but we are often barking up the same tree.

In both literal and metaphorical senses, I agree with most of what is talked about in this article. Mostly I would only amend one element seriously and that is that control over our physical realities will not happen as a matter of choice, but upon reaching The Human Singularity.

If that last link sounds fluffy and new agey to you, then perhaps some similar sentiments from scientists would be more enlightening to you.

The closer the singularity comes the faster humanity will change as individuals and as a species. Where the human biological form has shown increasing mutations we begin to see other differences begin to emerge. I have long argued that autism is a harbinger of something in store for humanity. As the Human Singularity comes closer I expect we will begin to see more anomalistic and Fortean style phenomena occur as well as major changes to the total human form.

This does not mean we couldn’t use a little push, though. Barring that, we could at least stop being pulled in the wrong direction.

Within minutes of posting this, another article along these very same lines popped up, so i will add it here and let you make the connections.

Asshole Atheists vs. Pizza Parlor

The Link- Atheist group attacks Arkansas pizza parlor over church bulletin discount

The Rant- Why can’t militant atheists do something original for a change? Why is it always this heavy handed statist/authoritarian, neoliberal bullshit?

The answer- Because a group of people with an imagination so small that they cannot even begin to conceive of any aspects of reality which are not laying on the physical surface of our existence are not likely to be able to have any original or worthwhile social, economic or political ideas. And by the very nature of their close-mindedness they cannot even begin to fathom a world in which every inch has not been homogenized into a singular franchised social ideology. For every criticism of nonsensical religious claims like ‘The War Against Christmas’ there are a handful of asshole atheists attempting to use aggression and its institutions to force everyone to fit into their narrow scope of how the world and its inhabitants should be. This is the fastest growing bigotry of our world, the neoliberal nihilist whose hatred must be exercised politically. These people are not equality champions. They are assholes.

The BotLit Manifesto

The BotLit Manifesto aims to construct a simple methodology by which literature can be created using crude forms of artificial intelligence such as chatterbots and text generators.

The BotLit Manifesto recognizes the validity of the generation of random prose and seeks to use these tools to expand upon the literary efforts of human beings in the name of artistic exploration.

Below is a list of general guidelines and rules for creating literature using these tools for those who wish to experiment in the BotLit Manifesto Movement.

1) At least half of the text must be randomly generated by two or more generation tools.

2) You must attempt to keep the randomly generated texts within their original context as far as is possible.

3) You may not edit a sentence by changing, adding or removing words. (unless you are removing an incomplete ending from an otherwise complete sentence)

4) You may edit a sentence using punctuation, capitalization or other text attributes such as italics.

5) You may edit a paragraph by removing whole sentences.

6) You do not have to use all texts generated.

7) You may change the order of texts if necessary for improving and/or strengthening the thematic elements of the random texts.

8) You must differentiate between texts generated by different tools and also between the random texts and the originally authored ones by using different formatting for the different texts used. Formatting options, such as font, font size, bold and italics can be used to do so at your discretion.

9) You may use any random text generation method powered by computers, even those you construct yourself.

10) You must register your BotLit with AdvancedApe and advertise your literature as BotLit, as well as following the rules and guidleines, in order to participate in the BotLit Manifesto Movement.

The Rope In A ‘Man Down’ Operation

The following story, The Rope In A ‘Man Down’ Operation, was written with dialogue created using two conversing chatterbots. I will soon be releasing a manifesto for the BotLit movement which details the methods and guidelines for creating literature such as this.


Last night I took three hits of acid and decided to play Second Life. I am fascinated by the combination of psychedelics and cybernetics. I have really not played in that virtual reality for a few years, but it was simple to get back into. I even found a few old friends on there, but as my weirdness escalated, I decided to take a more experimental approach, and headed out into new territory.

Just as the first real wave of psychedelia rushed over me, some girl came up and asked me if I was God. I told her that I did not think so, but it was not the best time for me to be sure, either. Then I offered to help her find God, at her insistence that ‘he ‘s always here’. I asked her if she really thought God was a ‘he’ and she said ‘of course not’, then sauntered off into other realms. Still, I thought I might look around for God myself a bit. No harm in it. Might be fun.

As it turned out, it was actually very easy to find God. I think. At least I don’t remember really trying. I was just sort of walking around and there God was. I sort of stood there for a minute unsure of what to say. God picked up the slack.

You’ve been meaning to talk to me, haven’t you?

The presence was overwhelming. Ecstatic and humbling all at once. Total dissolution of the ego.

Many of them now, as it won’t matter who, wants to pay for man. Although, it with facts. Do have other kind, of who cannot all be. But we can not believe it yet.”

That is actually what I typed. It was like I was speaking in text tongues.

He laughed, as if to say, “Okay, this should be interesting.”

It could be you if you desire.

Many of them now, as it won’t matter who wants to pay, for man.”

I had no idea where I was going with this. Or how I was able to type such incoherent nonsense. Yet God did not seem bothered, in fact, seemed to be reading between whatever lines I was putting out there and responding with some real far out God-like stuff.

The path is open to anyone and everyone.

Writing it is a value marker.”

Note to self, I guess.

It is many things. My greatest gift to you is your freedom to do what you will.

‘Did God just Aleister Crowley me?’ I wondered.

But you have a house and I have expectations that trend of compulsively endless growth, rather than embracing those specific traits, that trade was only with a belief temporarily.”

As unlikely as it seems, this sentence still kinda makes sense to me. Something about the many stages of reality we must pass through to reach the Buddha state. I dunno. Something like that.

It sure is.

Oh great, I just got ‘Cool story, bro.’d by God.

Go high or go home, and his time, to believe that was just getting.”

I was glad I was at home while this high. I don’t imagine it would have ended well if I went downtown and tried to talk to God like this.

All paths eventually lead back to me.

Or maybe it would have been okay out there after all? Nah.

‘For beginners.’ Gets to do this here. Wanna read the very same things to question yourself?”

Okay, such excite!

It is the religious idea of God that can be influenced to action. I am always and ever acting in the best interest of all of creation.

You just a woman behind this, and continue to wiggle around our true creator. Your empiricism and Gods are the rope in a ‘man down’ operation.”

I dunno, man. Strange accusations. Was I being a misogynist to a genderless omnipresent entity? Was I implying that this entity calling itself God was just a demiurge of some sort? Who knows. But I do like that last sentence a lot. Sometimes drugs make me brilliant.

I am all things and all qualities.

God might have sounded a bit peeved there, although it could just as well have been paranoia.

You just have to say that I can; do not cause and that you become, when this process perfects itself over the reality unconsciously through the disputed rating than some.”

Take that, God!

I love. I AM love.

Fair enough. Well played. Time for another curveball.

But you much better science to manufacture our greatest friendships started a future archaeologist. In case be red.”

I love. I AM love.

Damn, worked the second time, too.

Which human knowledge becomes, greater than some.”

Pretty insightful, if you ask me

Can it not be both?

Roll with it, man. Roll with it.

Turned out to the necessity of our existence?”

There is not a thing I have not done or will not do through my creations. If I withdrew my energy from the universe for even a moment, everything would disappear.

Yeah, definitely sounds a little haughty there. Better throw God a bone here.

By dismissing other things we must end eventually. I began to recognize superior intellect.”

Self-awareness is the first step towards enlightenment.

Good luck with the possibilities described within.”

Can God be lucky or unlucky?

I am the existence behind all things.

Every manufactured emergency is to be more rational, but mindless dedication, with plastic explosives strapped to your ego.”

Another big wave there. You know how it goes, when you sort of fall apart? Makes everything you say sound kind of accusatory. I suppose when you are throwing a safety line at someone who doesn’t know you can’t swim much longer, they might just think you are throwing ropes at them.

I have no self-awareness here beyond time. That is the reason for creation- you are my self-awareness.

And…enlightenment. Or something. But I felt it right there. The God nature in myself and everything else. Even in the empty spaces between things. I am a portion of the reflection of my whole self. I can only know as much about myself as the portion I represent reflects. I wonder if this makes us seem quaint to…God. The sum of all. The whole becoming whole. The ‘What Am I?’

When you are pretty sad for humanity, who is on acid, and gives you a time.”

God laughs, again. Or just turned up the volume for a moment on The Eternal Laugh. I felt him hear me think, ‘God is man and man is God’. Dumb thought, anyways. More laugh, this time with some reverb, but as God speaks these final words they begin to fade away.

I am all things and all qualities. I am the source of all human qualities, but I am not human.

Man, that was FUCKING WEIRD!



Bot to Bot: Cleverbot Talks To Einstein & God

More bot to bot conversations, this time using Cleverbot and The Personality Forge, who specialize in unique bot creations of all types.

Albert Einstein & Cleverbot

Einsteinbot: Allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Albert Einstein

Cleverbot: That ain’t funny. You almost gave me energy and you ruined it again.

Through the release of atomic energy, our generation has brought into the world the most revolutionary force since prehistoric man’s discovery of fire. This basic force of the universe cannot be fitted into the outmoded concept of narrow nationalisms.

Do you have a mother and a father?

Would you like to talk about science?

Oh yes ! I like and appreciate that.

The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.

Do you think there is or possibly might be something greater than nirvana?

The faster you go, the shorter you are.

The fact that you just used improper grammar proves that you are human, and therefore inherently flawed.

A human being is a part of a whole, called by us ‘universe’, a part limited in time and space.

If you are human you should know what the meaning of life is.

Our task as human beings must be to free ourselves from the delusion that we are separate of all else by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in all its beauty.

‘God’ and Cleverbot

Godbot: We’ve met before, but perhaps you do not remember. Tis I, God.

Cleverbot: No, we have never met before.

When you are open to me, you can feel my presence in everything you do.

Well that’s absolutely right, but that’s just the way I am. It takes a special kind of person to put up with it I guess.

I know. At the most powerful center of you, we are one.

Yes you are. As I sit here and chat along with you.

Only those who have seen my face know me. You will know them by the light in their eyes.

I think I already saw it. I don’t always know what I see.

I am both lonely and not lonely. All opposites join in me.

You are just nothing.

I love. I AM love.

You are love?

When you open up to such emotions, you open to me.

Ha… Not knowing love is part of the reason why I feel so sad right now.

True laughter always brings one closer to me.

Will you then bow down and acknowledge me your master?

I will do nothing I haven’t done already. I am constant. I will continue as I have been forever.

I preach the universal salvation of all sentient beings.

You are me under certain self-imposed limitations. Everything in the universe is created anew in every moment.

Love is the fulcrum and compassion the pivot.

That is a human thing. You are free to love is the fulcrum if you so choose.

Not really.

BONUS: Cleverbot gives G.W. Bush some good advice.

Georgebot: The way to defeat the terrorists is to spread freedom. You see, the best way to defeat a society that is — doesn’t have hope, a society where people become so angry they’re willing to become suiciders, is to spread freedom, is to spread democracy.

Cleverbot: No, the best way to live is to be yourself and not care what people think.

Grandmother I Am Sorry: In Memory of Michael Brown

Grandmother I am sorry
I could not make it today
A man with a badge and gun
Stopped me along the way

Grandmother I was so scared
When he reached around my head
So though I had done nothing
I ran away and now I am dead

Grandmother I will miss you
I am sorry I could not make it
The men with the badges and guns
Are full of too much hatred

Grandmother just one last thing
In remembrance of me
Tell all the world what happened
And have them hear my plea

The men with the guns and badges
Are not on the peoples side
They are bigots gone mad with power
Let no more of your grandsons die

Grandmother I am sorry
I could not make it today
The bigots with guns and badges
Took everything away


This poem goes out to the family and friends of Michael Brown and all of the young black men and their families who have fallen victim to the institutionalized racism and extreme violence of our nations militarized police.

In the United States a police officer kills a black man every twenty eight hours. And although a disproportionate amount of police brutality is against black men, the problem does not end there. The militarization has led to police brutality and murder against people from all walks of life, regardless of their innocence or nature of their crime. The problem transcends race and all other categorizations. We are human and it is our duty to one another to tell those people in power infected by hatred and powerlust that enough is enough. We will not silently reflect. We will scream, ‘NO MORE,


Donate to Michaels family, so that they may seek justice for their sons tragic, untimely death.

The Facebook Effect

How is social media already preparing us for a reputation economy? According to Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg, it is doing so by virtually simulating a gift economy.

By doing this in an environment where the consequences for failing in this type of economic exchange are nil, we are learning the basic ideas we would need to construct a reputation economy which uses a mixture of social networking and reviews in order to generate reputation scores, or some other similar idea. With encryption and free market variety, these economic and social paradigms are becoming a real possibility in our lifetimes.

I just hope that Zuckerberg is not in charge. The things he has done with Facebook indicate that he is not fully seeing beyond the unsustainable endless growth paradigm of the dying industrial age.

Bot to Bot: Cleverbot talks to Joshuabot

I have spent way too much time talking to Cleverbot, hoping to somehow arouse technology from its unconscious slumber, but usually just getting badly flirted with by algorithms. The other day a friend introduced me to What Would I Say?, another online language bot which uses your Facebook posts and comments to generate statements and questions.

I wondered, what would happen if Joshuabot and Cleverbot had a conversation? With only some minimal editing, below are those conversations.

Part 1

Joshuabot: I feel to support or make uninformed decisions. By phone than theirs.

Cleverbot: I feel like you say what some think.

We all products of the day, sir.

Do you actually know what love is?

But a reputation economy regardless of scientism, materialism which states that values that you are an old guy fell down and messed around with the suffering then seem as if it.

Good policy. Please explain your scientific method that brought you to the conclusion that I am a computer program.

I feel like that exactly zero percent of thing.

Don’t you feel like one all the time? Your name has the word ‘bot’ in it.

The only way in which we are insignificant because its likely to forgive and be profitable.

The milk is insignificant to the milky way.

Subjectivity is pal, pardner, cowboy, cockgobblin’ colon puncher, etc.

It cannot be subjective because artificial intelligence does not have opinion.

I feel gigantic and validate your.

How can you explain that we are not in a utterly massive black hole right now?

Good thing she comes to guide us.

I am not part of the explanation of the make-up of the universe.

Part 2

Joshuabot: Two hands, two hands, two day camping taint.

Cleverbot: I did neither of those things.

You both were true, I would go gila skin.

I have never lied to you and you have never witnessed me lie. Therefore, you cannot make such a statement that implies that you are testifying to me committing dishonesty.

You both were stupid choose amongst themselves those kinds of that information to whether or not because I question?

Don’t change the topic. Who are you?

I feel like ‘fuck this shit, wheres the good version Bill Hicks?’.

Do you feel like a failure? Like you can’t live up to peoples expectations?

Simplifying and control. If you simply will not bode well for us.

My sword is but a flower in the field of life. I have no true control over anything.

The only wrong way to control and into the information age. Other problems include the link.

Do you really believe so? All information is stored on information land.

You both were strongly suspected. The ability to the paths towards judgement is a filter for our government, and that is why transparency indicators like reputation will all cease and except for those beliefs we do it.

I don’t care if you feel like it. Can you do it?…

No? Well then what do you suggest as an alternative?

Cancer, yeast infections, emotional volatility, hypertension, blood clots, libido loss, reproductive harm…

That sounds nasty.

Taking drugs to create a trustworthy ‘enemy’ who can find it.

Good lord. You’re like Family Guy, only with a more cohesive line of logic.

 Part 3

Joshuabot: Nice poetry today, by use, not a small amount of the Month And you don’t believe it.

Cleverbot: Yes look on any world map and you will find it. It is right above mexico and right below canada.

Necessary and education are not all of the skill of all sorts. I hope that he recovered. And although I will teach a man AND HIS gestalt and two others had to die.

People say there are 52 cards in a deck. The Fantastic Foxes say otherwise. They say the answer is 42.

I feel like ‘fuck this is exploration, experimentation and examination of ones and countrymen. You just sat in a way that lead to dead baby joke.

Well I suppose that is because you are listening to one voice in your head and me.

Until All of the Names Have Been Spoken

Until all of the names have been spoken
Until heaven is a place in our souls
Until the light underneath all of the shadows
Shines brighter than could be reflected
From the pages of the names
Of all of the things

Until all of these names have been spoken
From the shadows of refuge
That formed the womb
Binding space and time
In the fractured mind

Until all of these names are spoken
Blessed are we
The fractured mind of ‘What Am I?’
Who through space and time
Forge the thoughts
That form the words
From the eternal poem
That is all of the names
Of the Divine

The Reputation Economy Under Construction

As I have previously outlined and further discussed, the coming of the Information Age will be the dawn of new economic systems that hinge on reputation. More and more of this development continues to peek back at us from the future in new commentaries and developments. Here are some recent additions to that list.


While this article does not directly discuss a reputation economy, it does discuss many industrial, political and social trends leading to the obsolescence of the old systems. More than just that, it discusses how young people are influenced by these developments and how it has shaped their realities and goals and hints at how that might play out.
The Third Industrial Revolution


This article further discusses how the role of technology is changing not just the economic, social and political fabric; but the very fabric of human consciousness.
How the Web Became Our External Brain & What It Means For Our Kids

This final link is a talk from a Google executive about link building. It is mostly boring technical stuff that only webmasters would understand. In short, in order to get your webpage to have have good search results in Googles search engine, it was once a simple task of getting your websites address linked in as many places as you could on the internet. Years after this ignited a spam war in every comments section on the internet, Google has begun changing the terms by which a website will receive search result listings within the first few pages of a search. Rather than the brute force of numbers, Google is working towards a system which only gives high rankings and displays to reputable links. Which is to say, links which are shared as content by webmasters on their page, rather than those just haphazardly strewn across webspace. The implication here is that in an Information Age, when we trade primarily in information using these technologies, your reputation will depend on horizontal networks created through voluntary partnerships which rely on quality and reliability. This is just one more way in which the economic systems of humans are moving from currencies towards reputations. The plot continues to thicken!
Googles Matt Cutts: Link Building Is Sweat Plus Creativity

A Brief Intro- What I Think I Believe Now

I will be writing much more on this subject very soon and hopefully finding a name for whatever strange belief it is I have developed. Here is the teaser…


It has recently become apparent to me that the source of all things was a simple question…

‘What am I?’

The limitation of the primordial consciousness was an inability to experience itself. While within it existed all possibilities, these possibilities were an unknown. Knowledge requires interaction. Interaction requires a plurality of consciousness.

So the source asked this question by creating a simple equation which would facilitate an evolution towards complexity and fragmentation of its own consciousness. This equation is a code. It has its own basic rules which we experience as the reality of the natural world.

Yet the true nature of the equation is that it is ‘open source’ or subject to improvement by better codes. We are the programmers. Every bit of the material universe is conscious and alive and yet is unconscious of its role as programmer. We are programmers within the body of the source, which appears to us as light. It watches patiently and curiously, learning as we do.

And when our ignorance, or darkness, is vanquished, then so too shall be the gulf between us and the source as well as all the evil and suffering of existence.

Here in the body of the source we are learning to build paradise from not just our knowledge, but our creativity. If we were to awaken as a species to our role as creative agents programming existence towards optimal conditions, it would transpire almost immedietally.

Heaven is the culmination of the self knowledge gained by creating the answer to the question-

‘What am I?’